Our vision is for every child in Bulgaria to live in a loving, supportive and safe family.

In line with this, our mission is therefore to work to help every child in Bulgaria to grow up in a loving, supportive and safe family, to develop their abilities and realise their personal potential. We seek to fulfill the vision and mission through the following strategies

Conducting trainings, seminars, campaigns, conferences and other events.

Campaigning, advocacy and lobbying for vulnerable children.

Explaining the need and benefits of adoption and foster care.

Providing expert support in the adoption and foster care process.

Motivating families and individuals to become adoptive and foster parents.

Creating an environment for support, mutual assistance and exchange of experience by adoptive and foster parents.

Participation in the implementation process of the national foster care and adoption policies.


As an organisation, Bulgaria Without Orphans has the following values upon which our work is based.


Through our salvation through and faith in Christ Jesus, we believe in the faith-filled life, God’s heart for adoption and purpose for the Church to be involved in the care of and ministry to orphans and vulnerable children and families.


Our belief is that families should be places of safety, belonging, protection and as far as possible, permanence.


We believe that children are a gift from God, who are precious and for whom God has great purposes. Our responsibility to children is to support them to thrive and realise their God-given potential.


We seek to collaborate with others in order to achieve the vision and mission of this organisation. We value communication, service, honesty, transparency and accountability in all we do.

Quality and excellence

At Bulgaria Without Orphans, we seek to do all things well and to a high-standard.